110 Donte Palmer – Fatherhood and Bathrooms Have Never Looked Better

Meet Donte Palmer the everyday dad who become the leader of a culture revolution helping fathers around the world change diapers with the Squat For Change movement. @squatforchange Listen to his story and be inspired!

This episode is sponsored by the new movie American Underdog. When Kurt Warner and Zachary Levi get together to promote their upcoming movie American Underdog, the first thing that comes across is how well they get along. We had a great chat about the movie’s many fatherhood themes, the complicated relationships with their own fathers, and the unexpected joy Kurt felt showing his kids what his life was like before they came along.

Importantly, you can enjoy American Underdog without knowing a thing about football. There are enough messages of love, perseverance, and family to rename it “American Dad Blog.” American Underdog opens Christmas Day.

More episodes to come this season featuring:

Danny McCartney – Father of two, Dad So Hard Podcast Co-Host and Media Sales Executive @mccfartney
Seth Marks – Real Househusband of Salt Lake City, Father of three, Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Dad Influencer @sethstock
Jesse Redniss – Father of four, Tech Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Digital and Data Media Executive @redniss
Donte Palmer – Father of three, Tedx Speaker, CEO/Founder Squat for Change @squatforchange
Mark Savant – Father of two, Dad Blogger, Entrepreneur, Personal Brand and Digital Marketing Coach @marksavantmedia
David Arrell – Author, Entrepreneur and Men’s Coach www.welcometofatherhood.com
Hill Pluviose – Father of 1, Military Vet and Host of Vet Talk Podcast @VetTalkWithHill
D’Anthony Ward – Father of 2, Executive Producer, Marketing Executive and Star of the The Dad Vlog @dad_vlog
Bob Rilling -Father of 2, Law Enforcement Officer @brilling91
Sean Hill – Father of 3, Stay at Home Dad, Influencer and Blogger @epicdadlife
Chris Meyer – Author, Tech and Wellness CEO @chrismeyerauthor
John Dunleavy Jr. – Father of 2, Retired Navy Vet, Politician, Banker and Police Officer

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Recorded On location at Dad So Hard Studios located in Long Island NY. Music by Riley Greenstein @zgwiardzee

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