44 A Wife’s Perspective; Husbanding Hard with Amanda Godino-Henry #Metoo. PLUS Breaking News Changes Coming to DSH

Danny and Vinnie have breaking news on changes to the podcast, but first they have an opportunity to welcome the first Mom to the podcast.  Amanda Henry-Godino is Vinnie’s work wife, podcast fan and wife to a man who Dad’s hard daily.  She stops by to applaud them on their work and provide tips and advice on how to keep their wives happy.  Amanda schools Vinnie on the right way to schedule a vacation.  Vinnie reveals the lengths he went to star in his wife’s baby bump photo shoot as well as how he’s been handling talking to his kids about current events in the news they learn about at camp.  At the end of the episode the fellas say good-bye to their beloved Daniel who has decided to retire from the podcast.  This will be the final recording at the original DSH studios.

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Final recording at the official Dad So Hard Podcast Studios, New York City – July 2019.

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