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Kid So Hard: Trailer – a VERY special Dad So Hard production

Welcome Emilie Dunleavy to the podcasting world.  She’s on a mission to give your kids an alternative to watching videos.   She’s going to be having conversations with her friends about kid life for other kids to listen to and learn.   Subscribe and have your kids listen to Kid So Hard.   Tweet us @dadsohardpod using the #kidsoshard

All kids involved in the production of Kids So Hard have had parental approval.   All commentary is designed for comedy and some views may not be shared by their parents.

Kids So Hard is produced on Long Island in the Spring to 2020 during the Covid 19 Crisis.


66: Dad So Hard – Art with Kids: Listen & Draw Along

This is a very special and different DSH episode designed for Dads and Moms to listen with their kids.  You draw while you listen and share your results on Twitter tagging @dadsohardpod using #kidsohard.   Stay tuned this week for the premiere of Kids So Hard featuring Emilie Dunleavy

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Recorded On location at Dad So Hard Studios located in Staten Island and Long Island NY. Music by Zack Greenstein @zgwiardzee

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